Testimonials & Gallery

“So much love. Thank you, Algarve prestige for all the patience and dedication, towards us both.”


“The Greatest”


“We are the ones having to thank you, for the care and warm welcoming!
We have chosen you, as you clearly put your heart in what you do, and are very pleased we have found you, for such an important day, in our lives!”


“Hi Isabel,
Just a quick email to thank you for organising our Wedding. Our guests really enjoyed it and the decor was perfect.
Thank you kindly for the gorgeous flowers in our room, it was a lovely surprise!
Wishing you every success in the future”


“Hi Isabel,
Thank you for the Battle you have fought for us.


“Good morning, Isabel.
Once again, thank you for the excellent organization of our Wedding. We loved it and you can be sure that some of our guests will ask you to organize their Weddings, as well”


“Hi, Isabel, thank you for our Wedding Organization. Everything was nice and perfect. The day was perfect. Thank you.”


“I know your an angel what would I do without u Ur the best“


“Dear Isabel, good afternoon!! Here in Brazil, we usually say: “what is good, lasts for a very short while” and here we are, back to our Day-to-Day life, very happy with the whole journey and especially our Wedding!!!
(…)The surprise we had, is just the same size, as our emotions were(…) was everything so perfect!!!!
We enjoyed a lot, we just loved it! Mainly, having gotten to know you all and having had the wonderful experience, you had offered us.
You will never be forgotten. Seriously!”


We already miss Portugal! It was indeed a unique experience and you have been just marvellous. Exceeding every expectation. Everything was perfect. I actually do not know how to thank you enough.
You were indeed magnificent.
Thank you for everything.”


“Hello, Isabel

Thank you
It was a Beautiful Day”


“Once again, thank you for everything – it was all great. (…) We could see in our guests’ smiles and their kind words, how divine everything was. This way, we could relax and breath.
Thank you so much. We wish you all the luck in the Happiness Battle.
A Big Kiss from Bride & Groom and their closest ones.
We thank you for the rest of our lives to the whole team and the Hotel.
Kisses. Thank you”


“It’s already a month now (it has so quickly passed), we want to again thank everyone involved in our Wedding’s organization. It has offered us a beautiful day. A Dream Day.
To our always available Algarve Prestige’s Wedding Planner, who has given us precious advice, Isabel Dentinho
To the DJ, who has entertained us all, throughout the whole event and supported us on our surprises.
With music life has a different meaning
To the photographers, who excelled on capturing our best moments and shared with us 678 edited photos.
To the videographers, who shot the so much awaited video, we are so much We are so looking forward to watching it!”