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Isabel helped me plan my dream wedding! I had so many questions, thoughts and ideas and Isabel was there to help answer them every step of the way.

It’s hard enough to plan a wedding in general but add a pandemic onto it, and I swear it is nearly impossible. Since Isabel was feet on the ground in Portugal, she was able to keep me updated with all of the regulations, what was needed from each guest, setting up testing in the hotel so everyone could attend, etc..

I also didn’t have the capacity to interview dozens of vendors so Isabel was there to provide me with the top notch professionals in every arena. We even received so many compliments on our cake! It was not only incredibly beautiful but it was the best tasting cake we’ve ever had at a wedding and many guests agreed. The DJ was fantastic, Maria & Sandy – the photographers – were wonderful, the videographer was great, we loved the venues.. I can go on and on but truly none of this would have been possible without Isabel.

I read some comments about how it seems like prices were higher with Isabel than if people booked by themselves and honestly – that’s just ridiculous. Isabel is a professional who needs to be fairly compensated for all of the tireless work that she puts into your special day. Will everything be cheaper if you do it without a wedding planner? Of course. Will it run as smoothly and be as perfect of a day that Isabel plans? Not a chance. Our family and friends commented that this was the best and most fun wedding that they have ever been to and we owe that all to Isabel! I interviewed 12 different wedding planners before going with Isabel and trust me when I say, you will not get better service or attention!


“Hi Isabel
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you did for us over the last year or so, we both absolutely loved everything about our wedding day. Pass on our thanks to Cris as well, you have a great team!!! We are now in Villa Real do Santo Antonio, lovely little town which is quiet but makes a nice change for us!”

E & J – Monte do Serrinho

We absolutely loved the day- the colours of the grooms and bridesmaids went so well with the flower choices- Thank you!
Thank you for your organizational skills we truly had an amazing day – that we will never forget.
The advice for us two to have our own separate table also worked really well. We would advise other couples doing the same to sit down and let the guests come to you 🙂
Thank you Isabel & Cris for all your planning and preparation for our big day – it allowed us to get married where we wanted to without the stress of travelling during the planning process. The day looked absolutely beautiful and we still get compliments from guests about how much they enjoyed it and how pretty the venue looked with all the flowers and decor.

G & F – Monte do Serrinho

“Thank you so much! We loved the pictures and made us relive the day. Thank you and your team for our special day and how you did everything with a smile. Forever appreciated ”

C & Y – Pestana Viking

“Isabel is very professional and works with very talented people who you can fully trust. Our Wedding didn´t go as expected between the covid, and a bad weather but it was , thanks to Isabel, a very pure and unforgettable moment.
Thank you very much again Isabel! I’ll recommend you to everyone! Kisses”

C & R – Adriana Beach Resort

“Hi Isabel, thank you so much to you, Cristiana, and all the team. You made everything possible and created exactly what we wanted. We had a ball.

We are still on cloud 9. Genuinely, we can´t thank you enough for everything you have done for us, start to finish. Truly, you are a gem.

Dinner was lovely. The food was so good! Everyone had a great time both days. Thank you for being there from the beginning.

The photos are just beautiful”

S & C – Tivoli Vilamoura

“Hi Isabel, Thank you so much, we really appreciate your efforts. Everything was fab…! What an amazing location to get married. The photos are beautiful! We are looking to come back in August”

L & E – Carvoeiro

“Hello Isabel! I just want to say thank you SO MUCH. It was a perfect day, and we couldn’t have done it without beautiful you and beautiful Cristiana.

We do appreciate everything. I hope you guys had a nice time as well. Thanks for taking all the stress away!

Muito obrigada, Amor!”

K & I – Tivoli Vilamoura

We had the wedding of our dreams thanks to Algarve Prestige.

It all started 2 years ago when we decided to get married in Algarve.

Isabel Dentinho helped us to choose the perfect venue according to our wishes and to our personalities. She was present to all the appointments and made us work with only reliable suppliers. She is the most professional wedding planner you can work with, being very responsive to your expectations.

Our wedding was supposed to take place last year but reported to this year because of the sanitary situation but Isabel always assisted us at any moment, no matter what.

We highly recommend to work with Isabel to organize the most beautiful day of your life because she will do everything possible to make your dream come true.


Hi Isabel,

David and I couldn’t have asked for more yesterday, we had such an amazing day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the thought, time and effort you put into making it a special day for us, we loved every second of it! We took the cake with us this morning and this evening were able to share it with my parents after dinner, they were delighted to be able to be a part of it!

My friend is in Albufeira at the moment too and yesterday did one of the ‘dolphin and caves’ tours. She sent me the attached photo yesterday at midday to see if this was the lady of the rock which we had told them so much about. Only this morning I noticed that our wedding gazebo is in it and it made me smile that we have a photo of it! ? if you do have any photos from the day that you wouldn’t mind sharing please do as we would love to see them!

Paula and Karina (and their staff) took really good care of us yesterday, something we are so grateful for. We forgot to ask them about making use of our deposit at another stage which we should have asked about. Do you know how we should go about arranging this or did Paula give you any information on what it would entail?

Thank you so much again Isabel, you truly did make it a magical day for us! ?

H & D

Think about that person, who never thought about getting married and has no idea how to organize a wedding, that’s me. Now think about a person to whom you just say the words “simple and unforgettable” and comes up with the plan for that special day you will never forget, that’s Isabel!

With Algarve Prestige and their partners I felt like my wedding was detailed organized by a friend, someone who knows what is important to me. I didn’t have to worry about a thing and the elegant ceremony I pictured in my head became real, just like that!

Thank you Isabel for exceeding our expectations on this special day!

…I do not know if this too much for a comment, but this is just what happened.


An unforgettable Day.
It was everything we had wished for and, surprisingly, better.

Everyone praised the organization, decor, coordination – they were just not able to say it directly to Isabel, as she was always so busy.

We were and ARE so happy that, after having to wait for almost two years, it was worth every second.
The only thing is that, it all passed too quick and we wanted more ?

Everyone was outstanding, Isabel’s Team, the Suites Alba Resort, everyone involved, our Guests!
Everything went really well …we even forgot about Covid-19 and it was like there was no pandemics – spectacular ??

We were just not able to thank enough to everyone, in person, along the day

Once again THANK YOU SO MUCH for everything


“So much love. Thank you, Algarve prestige for all the patience and dedication, towards us both.”


“The Greatest”


“We are the ones having to thank you, for the care and warm welcoming!
We have chosen you, as you clearly put your heart in what you do, and are very pleased we have found you, for such an important day, in our lives!”


“Hi Isabel,
Just a quick email to thank you for organising our Wedding. Our guests really enjoyed it and the decor was perfect.
Thank you kindly for the gorgeous flowers in our room, it was a lovely surprise!
Wishing you every success in the future”


“Hi Isabel,
Thank you for the Battle you have fought for us.


“Good morning, Isabel.
Once again, thank you for the excellent organization of our Wedding. We loved it and you can be sure that some of our guests will ask you to organize their Weddings, as well”


“Hi, Isabel, thank you for our Wedding Organization. Everything was nice and perfect. The day was perfect. Thank you.”


“I know your an angel what would I do without u Ur the best“


“Dear Isabel, good afternoon!! Here in Brazil, we usually say: “what is good, lasts for a very short while” and here we are, back to our Day-to-Day life, very happy with the whole journey and especially our Wedding!!!
(…)The surprise we had, is just the same size, as our emotions were(…) was everything so perfect!!!!
We enjoyed a lot, we just loved it! Mainly, having gotten to know you all and having had the wonderful experience, you had offered us.
You will never be forgotten. Seriously!”


We already miss Portugal! It was indeed a unique experience and you have been just marvellous. Exceeding every expectation. Everything was perfect. I actually do not know how to thank you enough.
You were indeed magnificent.
Thank you for everything.”


“Hello, Isabel

Thank you
It was a Beautiful Day”


“Once again, thank you for everything – it was all great. (…) We could see in our guests’ smiles and their kind words, how divine everything was. This way, we could relax and breath.
Thank you so much. We wish you all the luck in the Happiness Battle.
A Big Kiss from Bride & Groom and their closest ones.
We thank you for the rest of our lives to the whole team and the Hotel.
Kisses. Thank you”


“It’s already a month now (it has so quickly passed), we want to again thank everyone involved in our Wedding’s organization. It has offered us a beautiful day. A Dream Day.
To our always available Algarve Prestige’s Wedding Planner, who has given us precious advice, Isabel Dentinho
To the DJ, who has entertained us all, throughout the whole event and supported us on our surprises.
With music life has a different meaning
To the photographers, who excelled on capturing our best moments and shared with us 678 edited photos.
To the videographers, who shot the so much awaited video, we are so much We are so looking forward to watching it!”