In a classy, sophisticated way, we have created a “Star Wars” inspired set.

This Couple has trusted us completely and without ever having been to our Country, they followed our expert advice, for the most appropriate Wedding set, towards their wishes.

  • The pros of having such diverse landscape options, on such a small area, as the Algarve is.

The rocky set on the back. The immense ocean, ahead of us.

  • With our Couples’ help, when hiring us, we do also create the most meaningful memories.

A cloudy day in October, where the sun came shining, blessing this Union.

…and a single seagull was singing, as the Bride made her entrance.

A story of resilience and hope in the future, showing that, all the things we survive and transmute, in our lives, can only make a Couple grow

A Couple that showed us the real Stength of LOVE

…“May the Love be with Us