Gathering a small crowd for Your Day, can be so magic and meaningful……
When having a small crowd, you can experience secret and so special places, in the Algarve
You can even host Your Wedding on an Island, with our help

Getting all the right logistics together, we make it happen

For this particular Wedding, we have created a set, with torches crowded by flowers
Strong fuchsia and yellow colours

Guests are taken to the Island
Groom follows, arriving on a catamaran
Bride is brought, onboard a Yacht
– everyone cheering!

…a piano starts playing…
The live singing, accompanying every moment. An unexplainable feel…
…Not long, until the sun comes down, now…

This LOVE lasts for so long that, both families got closer and closer, becoming ONE.
A kind, caring family.
– So amazing to witness.

The sun sets. The Ceremony finishes…

The catamaran starts its journey back, sailing the calm waters of the Ria Formosa
The cut of the cake happens onboard. Pictures are taken. Everyone enjoys the fun
The sea still… like a mirror.
No breeze. Just the calm of an evening, in August

Food is ready, when we get to the restaurant – an amazingly cooked cataplana

After dinner, the Bride & Groom leave for romantic photos, in the old part of town

When they arrive, they find something they were not expecting – a surprise dance floor, we have prepared with white transparent drapes, hanging from the chandeliers.
Their 1st dance, right in the middle of it.
On an empty 1st floor, of a crowded bar

Their 1st dance for 3, together with their daughter is so moving…
The FAMILY gathers around them. Take part of the LOVE

…and, today their 1st dance would require 4, instead of 3…