Today, I heard a song, which reminded me of my very 1st Wedding.

I have not searched for this song on any platform, because I do not even remember its name, but I could almost swear, that it needed to be played, in that particular moment, from the 1.57”, when the trumpet starts playing

  • It was the Big Entrance song

Not that this is important, to remember the minute to be played, at this point in time.

Important is that, it reminds me of when I first started

I wanted to create significant, dynamic and fun days, as I still do.

  • Once you remember your roots, when you Love What You Do, you will always strive for exceling, yet maintaining the passion

You remember all the nice Couples, who you had the chance to meet. Their Weddings’ dates, the different venues

…and the details…

At this particular Wedding, they have kept the venue secret for their Guests, because it had been the venue, where the Sister and Brother-in-Law had gotten married.

…and it made it so meaningful to all of them!!

…and FUN!

So much fun that, when the 1st night bus arrived, I went searching for the Mother of the Bride, saying:

“I do understand it is a tiring day, if you want to go have some rest, the 1st bus is already here to take you home”.

When she surprisingly, replied:

“Oh, no! It is so good! I go the latest!”