A bit more than 2 months, was the timing we had to prepare, one of our most significant Weddings.

It was the first Wedding of the season and it flowed so well.

The smile on the Bride and Groom’ faces, when they found their special venue.

Something, which makes us feel so confident, is being able to present our Couples their perfect venue! –

Soon after, The Day came.

A Ceremony, with the most meaningful flowers, on a covered lake set, as a plan B, in case rain would decide to show.

Followed by Dinner, at the Beach Restaurant, so close to the sea.

Then, a crazy party, for a fun crowd.

The Brother of the Bride thanking us, during his speech

(before, we had told him not to worry about any details – When it comes to our part, the Wedding Party’s role is to just enjoy and feel the company of thier closest ones)

The Groom thanking, for the smoothness of the whole process – there is nothing alike.

The other day we met and it filled my heart with such joy, when I seeing them!

They are one of the Couples, we consider Friends today.

It is just so good to work with laid back people, who trust what we do, because LOVE is what matters in the end!